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  1. Hydra

    About Hydra

    Expand your projects to the .NET platform without discarding your existing native Delphi / Win32 code. Hydra is a plugin framework that allows you to ease into .NET and write modules in managed code for your existing Delphi applications. With RemObjects ...

  2. RemObjects Elements

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    About RemObjects Elements

    One toolchain, two languages, three platforms. RemObjects Elements is a bundle of Oxygene and RemObjects C# IDEs. Oxygene and RemObjects C# (formerly code-named Hydrogene) are a modern development tool stack for creating applications for all three major ...

  3. Oxygene

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    About Oxygene

    Next generation Object Pascal language for .NET, Windows Phone 8, Java, Android and iOS apps. Oxygene is a modern, object oriented programming language for the 21st century. It builds on the strong foundation of Object Pascal, but extends it with many ...

  4. RemObjects C#

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    About RemObjects C#

    Native C# for iOS, Android, Mac, Java and .NET. RemObjects C# takes the C# programming language you already know and brings it to the worlds of native Java, Android, Mac and iOS development. RemObjects C# lets you target all platforms truly natively. ...