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  1. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

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    About ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

    Add grid, reporting, charting, scheduling, data manipulation, user interface and more to your .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Device, Windows Presentation Foundation and ActiveX applications. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from all ComponentOne ...

  2. ComponentOne Ultimate

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    About ComponentOne Ultimate

    Build line-of-business and data analysis applications. ComponentOne Ultimate includes all 9 of ComponentOne's Studios - ComponentOne Studio for WinForms, ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, ComponentOne Studio for WPF, ComponentOne Studio for ...

  3. Codejock Suite Pro

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    About Codejock Suite Pro

    Give your application a professional, modern appearance with toolbars, menus, docking, property grid, reporting and calendar functionality. Codejock Suite Pro provides Windows developers with a robust set of components combining 11 of Codejock's most ...

  4. ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX

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    About ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX

    A suite of ComponentOne COM Technologies products including controls such as True DBGrid and VSFlexGrid. ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX currently includes: True DBGrid Pro, VSFlexGrid Pro, VSVIEW Classic Edition, VSVIEW Reporting, Chart, WebChart, Query, ...

  5. Crescent QuickPak

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    About Crescent QuickPak

    Perform visual enhancements and functionality improvements on Visual Basic applications. Crescent QuickPak is a comprehensive collection of 32-bit ActiveX components for developing applications using Visual Basic that will reduce development time and ...

  6. Infragistics ActiveX Component Suite

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    About Infragistics ActiveX Component Suite

    Build professional database front ends with this collection powerful components. ActiveX Component Suite is a collection of COM components featuring a variety of functionality including: Data Explorer - for creating Explorer-like file and folder data ...

  7. UltraSuite

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    About UltraSuite

    Create applications with the familiar, easy-to-use interfaces of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer and Windows XP. UltraSuite includes grids, toolbars, navigation components, scheduling, editors, explorer UI and additional UI elements. ...

  8. Calendar Widgets

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    About Calendar Widgets

    Create dynamic calendars with this set of four reusable components. Calendar Widgets consists of: Sheridan MonthView - for displaying up to three months at a time for quick selection of multiple dates. Holidays, weekends, and special days can be ...

  9. ActiveListBar

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    About ActiveListBar

    Give your applications the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook. ActiveListBar is an ActiveX component that provide users with the ability to group and categorize a variety of items for quick access. ActiveListBar incorporates a system of sliding groups, ...

  10. Designer Widgets

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    About Designer Widgets

    Design enhanced user interfaces complete with rich toolbars and tabs. Designer Widgets is a collection of ActiveX components for VB that includes: Dockable Toolbar - to create floating toolbars of buttons that can be docked to the top, sides or bottom of ...