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  1. Codejock Syntax Edit Visual C++ MFC

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    About Codejock Syntax Edit Visual C++ MFC

    Visual Studio style code editor control. SyntaxEdit provides your users with a highly sophisticated text editor control that supports advanced features such as text block grouping, syntax colorization, line numbers, font type, pre-defined color schemes, ...

  2. Codejock Toolkit Pro

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    About Codejock Toolkit Pro

    Give your application a professional, modern appearance with toolbars, menus, docking, property grid, reporting and calendar functionality. Codejock Toolkit Pro for Visual C++ MFC provides Windows developers with a robust set of components combining 11 of ...

  3. BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor)

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    About BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor)

    Advanced edit control with syntax highlighting, color blocks, IntelliSense, markers, symbol support, drag/drop support, undo/redo support and more. BCGPEdit (BCGSoft Professional Editor) is an MFC extension library for incorporating an advanced edit ...