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  1. dotConnect for Oracle

    Brand: Devart
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    About dotConnect for Oracle

    A 100% managed ADO.NET data provider for direct high performance access to Oracle servers for the .NET Framework. dotConnect for Oracle offers all Oracle data types support, including Oracle XML type, and Oracle object types OBJECT, VARRAY, TABLE, REF, ...

  2. SharePoint Business Data List Connector

    Brand: Layer 2
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    About SharePoint Business Data List Connector

    Connect a SharePoint list with external data. SharePoint Business Data List Connector (BDLC) connects any type of  SharePoint list (no Web Part) with external business data using list settings, e.g. for contacts, tasks or events. The data can be presented ...

  3. Btrieve Classes for .NET

    Brand: AG-TECH
    Price Range: Price Range
    About Btrieve Classes for .NET

    Btrieve Classes for .NET is a set of .NET framework 4.0 based database access support classes that enable fast, easy to program access from .NET programs to PSQL databases via the Btrieve API. They include a Native Class that allows direct Btrieve API ...

  4. dotConnect for MySQL

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range
    About dotConnect for MySQL

    Data provider for direct access to MySQL. dotConnect for MySQL is a full-featured 100% managed .NET data provider for direct access to MySQL for .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. The provider can access MySQL server using native MySQL network ...

  5. dotConnect for PostgreSQL

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range
    About dotConnect for PostgreSQL

    Full-featured ADO.NET provider for direct access to PostgreSQL servers for Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. dotConnect for PostgreSQL Data Provider supports .NET Framework with ADO.NET features. To reach high performance the provider ...

  6. ASPx Pivot Grid

    About ASPx Pivot Grid

    Add data mining and multi-dimensional analysis to your ASP.NET applications. ASPxPivotGrid Suite is a comprehensive data analysis, data mining, and visual reporting solution for ASP.NET 2. With ASPxPivotGrid, your users can break down raw data in any ...

  7. AstoriaDataSource

    About AstoriaDataSource

    Easy data access to any Cloud data source. AstoriaDataSource is a datasource component for Silverlight 3 that enables you to easily perform data operations against ADO.NET data service with just simple XAML markup declaration. When integrated with ...

  8. ComponentOne DataObjects for WinForms

    About ComponentOne DataObjects for WinForms

    Create windows .NET database applications. ComponentOne DataObjects includes two editions to provide you with a choice of tools to best suits your needs: ComponentOne DataObjects Enterprise for .NET (referred to as C1DataObjects), an enhanced version of ...

  9. ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms

    About ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms

    Analyze your data without writing or re-writing code. ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms is a suite of .NET components that provides analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. With drag-and-drop ...

  10. ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch

    About ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch

    Easily add business analysis to Visual Studio LightSwitch applications. ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch allows you to snap a pivoting data screen into Visual Studio LightSwitch and instantly get in-depth business intelligence functionality. Create ...