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    About SecureBlackbox .NET Transports - In-house

    Description: Security functions Internet transport protocols. SecureBlackbox.NET Transports is a collection of components that adds secure data transfer and storage in cloud environments, SSL / TLS client and server, FTP and FTPS client, HTTP and HTTPS client, SMTP ... Read more

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    About XML2PDF Formatting Engine

    Description: Convert your XML files (XSL-FO, SVG, Excel, Word 2003-2013, XHTML) to PDF, XPS, PS, TIFF etc. Xml2PDF Formatting Engine is an engine (.NET API) for converting XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML and Microsoft Word (WordML 2003, DocX) documents into PDF, PS, XPS, and ... Read more

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    About SecureBlackbox .NET Professional - In-house

    Description: Add digital security and data encryption to .NET applications. SecureBlackbox.NET Professional is a comprehensive component collection that adds SFTP, FTPS, SSH, PGP, PDF, XML security, S/MIME, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, PKI, ZIP, EDI, Cloud, Office security support ... Read more

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    About OpenPGP Library for .NET

    Description: Build encryption into your applications. OpenPGP Library for .NET includes methods for OpenPGP encryption, decryption, clear signing, one pass sign and encrypt, decrypt and verify, key generation, supports both key store and keys located in files. ... Read more

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    About Xceed Zip for .NET

    Description: Create Zip files or compress/uncompress data in memory. Xceed Zip for .NET is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for .NET and ASP.NET. Xceed Zip for .NET provides flexible zip, unzip, streaming data compression and an ... Read more

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    About OpenPGPBlackbox .NET - Vendor

    Description: Provides support for OpenPGP infrastructure including OpenPGP key management and data signing/encryption. OpenPGPBlackbox .NET lets you extend your application with security functions such as signing, encryption, decryption and verification of the data ... Read more

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    About SSHBlackbox .NET Client - Vendor

    Description: SSH family of security protocols, available in client-only and client-server editions. SSHBlackbox .NET lets you connect to remote servers via SSH protocol or to create your own SSH servers (server-side components are available in VCL and .NET editions). ... Read more

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    Screenshots: Add finishing touches your users will love with various helper controls and utilities including spell checkers, dynamic help containers, zip controls, and theming applications. ... Read more

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    About ComponentOne Studio WPF

    Features: Add the finishing touches with these time-savers. Save hours of developer time with these finishing touches: barcodes, themes, and zip containers. Themes for WPF Themes for WPF Theme your entire application, even the standard controls, with Themes for WPF ... Read more

  10. About IP*Works! Zip .NET Edition

    Description: Fully-managed .NET compression components based on a 100% C# codebase, with no dependencies on outside native code. /n software IP*Works! Zip is an easy, fast, and effective, suite of compression components for web or desktop applications. /n software IP ... Read more