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  1. DevExpress Universal

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    About DevExpress Universal

    Comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers. DevExpress Universal is a comprehensive software development toolset for .NET developers and contains the DevExpress DXperience and DevExtreme products. It helps you build applications for ...

  2. TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms

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    About TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms

    Reliable and accurate spell checking for Windows Forms applications. TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms checks spelling as you type, word by word, and as you copy and paste. Right-clicking on a spelling mistake presents a context menu with suggestions and ...

  3. Mobile, Tablet & TV Device Detection


    Give your website fast and accurate mobile device detection. Mobile, Tablet & TV Device Detection contains detailed information about thousands of different mobiles, tablets, TV’s, games consoles and other types of mobile device. By ...

  4. .NET Mobile Framework


    Create high performance, cross-platform mobile web applications with ASP.NET. extends Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 with a new set of project types and controls to enable ASP.NET developers to create web sites that will work on any mobile ...

  5. ComponentArt Input for ASP.NET

    About ComponentArt Input for ASP.NET

    An Advanced Input Component for your ASP.NET applications. ComponentArt Input for ASP.NET offers Rich Masked and Numeric Input. ComponentArt's MaskedInput and NumberInput controls turn your textboxes into integrated client-side UI controls in minutes ...

  6. ComponentArt SpellChecker for ASP.NET

    About ComponentArt SpellChecker for ASP.NET

    A high Performance AJAX spell checker. ComponentArt SpellCheck for ASP.NET supports custom dictionaries, multiple languages as well as dialog based and context menu based spell checking user interfaces. Dictionaries for any number of languages can be ...

  7. ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms

    About ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms

    Add complete spell-checking and thesaurus functionality to your .NET applications. ComponentOne SpellChecker for .NET is the .NET version of VSSPELL 6.0. ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms allows you to easily create custom dictionaries that you may ...

  8. ComponentOne WebSpell IDE for ASP.NET

    About ComponentOne WebSpell IDE for ASP.NET

    Design-time spell-checking for WebForms, constant strings, and HTML code. ComponentOne WebSpell IDE for ASP.NET is an add-in component for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that allows developers to conveniently spell check WebForms, constant strings and HTML ...

  9. EasyMail .NET Verify

    About EasyMail .NET Verify

    Enable your .NET application or Web site to validate and verify internet email addresses. EasyMail .NET Verify gives you an easy way to clean your email address lists, and prevent bad addresses from getting on your lists in the first place. Email ...

  10. EU VAT Box


    Validate your customers EU VAT Identification numbers. EU VAT Box is an ASP.NET control that makes it easy for you to check your customers European Union VAT ID. Highlights include, Client-Side syntax validation, Live validation against EU database and ...