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  1. Total Access Ultimate Suite

    Brand: FMS
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    About Total Access Ultimate Suite

    Total Access Ultimate Suite is a suite of products designed for significant productivity gains. Includes: Total Visual Agent, Total Access Analyzer, Total Visual CodeTools, Total Access Components, Total Access Detective, Total Access Emailer, Total ...

  2. TeamCompanion for MS Outlook

    Brand: Ekobit
    Price Range: Price Range
    About TeamCompanion for MS Outlook

    Integrate e-mail and Microsoft Outlook with Work Items from Team Foundation Server. TeamCompanion for Outlook is an Add-In for Microsoft Outlook that integrates Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Team Foundation Server, thus making anyone with Outlook and ...

  3. ArtfulBits SharePoint Suite

    Brand: ArtfulBits
    Price Range: Price Range
    About ArtfulBits SharePoint Suite

    All ArtfulBits SharePoint products in one suite. ArtfulBits SharePoint Suite combines includes all ArtfulBits SharePoint columns, Web Parts and components. Features include, column lookup, key point indicators (KPI), video, image upload, calendars, email ...

  4. ArtfulBits Columns Suite

    Brand: ArtfulBits
    Price Range: Price Range
    About ArtfulBits Columns Suite

    A complete collection of ArtfulBits columns. ArtfulBits Columns Suite includes, Cascaded Lookup Column (enhanced Microsoft SharePoint lookup functionality), Category Column (tracking, organizing and grouping of SharePoint list items), Cross-Site Lookup ...

  5. Radarc

    Brand: Icinetic
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    About Radarc

    Generate native cross-platform business applications. Radarc is a development software accelerator provided as a Microsoft Visual Studio extension package. Radarc provides a modeling and a code generation environment able to target different solution ...

  6. The SOAPbox

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    About The SOAPbox

    Reduce the high costs of system integration. The SOAPbox is software that is​​​ designed to expose database operations via web services. As a result, using the SOAPbox significantly reduces the cost and time of typical integration projects. The SOAPbox is ...

  7. HarePoint Workflow Extensions

    Brand: HarePoint
    Price Range: Price Range
    About HarePoint Workflow Extensions

    Over 180 activities for Microsoft SharePoint workflow authoring to automate any business process without programming. HarePoint Workflow Extensions provides over 180 new 'ready-to-use' activities for Microsoft SharePoint workflow development. ...

  8. NLocalize


    Software localization add-in for Visual Studio. NLocalize is a Visual Studio 2010 plug-in that helps developers localize WPF applications. NLocalize automates many localization tasks including UID generation, text string discovery, text exporting for ...

  9. Techcello


    Multi-tenant application development framework for .NET. Techcello provides a fast way to develop multi-tenant applications on .NET for any cloud. Applications built using Techcello can be deployed on-premise servers, data centres, private cloud of public ...

  10. VBeXpress Suite


    Combine a template-driven code generator with powerful development utilities. VBeXpress Suite combines VBeXpress 2000 - for generating fully functional n-tier applications via a code generator with more than 150 customizable templates, and VBeXpress Lite ...