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  1. SharePoint Calendar Rollup

    About SharePoint Calendar Rollup

    A color-coded SharePoint calendar. SharePoint Calendar Rollup compiles and organizes multiple calendars from SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar or External Databases into one powerful color-coded calendar. From this centralized ...

  2. SharePoint Discussion Column

    About SharePoint Discussion Column

    Record discussions without creating new versions. SharePoint Discussion Column is a custom column that records user discussions when editing items. The SharePoint discussion thread can be listed in chronological order with discussion contents and user ...

  3. MobileFront for Service Manager

    Brand: Gridpro

    Off-premise access to Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012 from your favorite device. MobileFront for Service Manager is designed for people who need mobile access to Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012. It enables you to interact with ...