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  1. Description: Add a data tree to your Silverlight applications. xamDataTree is a high performance databound tree built for speed that comfortably handles tens of thousands of tree nodes. xamDataTree has been specially designed to handle multiple kinds of child nodes, ... Read more

  2. Description: Silverlight tree for natural navigation. Navigate information that naturally lends itself to being modeled in parent-child fashion with the Infragistics xamWebTree, a high performance Silverlight tree view component. Its load on demand pulls down child ... Read more

  3. Description: Drop-in replacement for Silverlight’s stock listbox. Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight is a listbox component for Silverlight applications. It performs intelligent, virtualized background data retrieval - the remote data engine only gets records as ... Read more

  4. Description: A component suite delivering advanced, high performance user interfaces to Silverlight-based Rich Internet Applications. ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight includes user interface controls for the development of sophisticated Silverlight based enterprise ... Read more

  5. Description: The complete framework for building next generation WPF, AJAX and Silverlight Rich Internet Applications. ComponentArt UI Framework for .NET includes ComponentArt Win.UI for WPF, ComponentArt SOA.UI for .NET, ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET MVC, ... Read more

  6. Description: This comprehensive toolset allows you to rapidly build commercial-grade interfaces for web and desktop applications and meet the diverse functional, design, and usability requirements of your clients. ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and robust WinForms & ... Read more

  7. Description: Building blocks for rich business applications. Teleirk RadControls for Silverlight were built on Microsoft Silverlight 3 and include 38 UI controls for building rich line-of-business Silverlight applications. Sharing the same codebase with Telerik WPF ... Read more

  8. 18. UI ControlSuite .NET Archived

    Primary Category: Menu Components

    Description: Add a professional user interface to your applications. UI ControlSuite .NET includes components that enable you to deliver cutting-edge user interfaces in very little time. The components come with design-time features, to let you integrate them into ... Read more

  9. 19. VIBlend Premium Archived

    Brand: VIBlend
    Primary Category: UI & Interaction Components

    Description: Collection of User Interface components for .NET WinForms, Silverlight and WPF. VIBlend Premium is a comprehensive library of User Interface controls, designed and fine-tuned to provide rich functionality, outstanding performance and increase the ROI when ... Read more

  10. 20. VIBlend Controls for Silverlight Archived

    Brand: VIBlend
    Primary Category: Grid Components

    Description: Suite of easy to use and feature complete .NET user interface controls for Microsoft Silverlight. VIBlend Controls for Silverlight is a comprehensive library of User Interface controls. Designed and fine-tuned to provide rich functionality, outstanding ... Read more