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    Description: Programmatically interact with OneNote documents. Aspose.Note for Java is a class library that enables applications to interact with Microsoft Office OneNote programmatically without it being installed on the server. It's an alternative to the ... Read more

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    Description: Easily create, read, convert and modify 3D documents. Aspose.3D for .NET is a feature-rich Gameware and Computer-Aided-Designing (CAD) API for manipulating 3D document formats without any 3D modeling and rendering software dependencies. The API supports ... Read more

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    Description: Add OCR/OMR functionality to your Java applications. Aspose.OCR for Java is a character and optical mark recognition API that allows developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java based applications. It allows extracting text from images having ... Read more

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    Description: Includes both Aspose.OCR components, Aspose.OCR for .NET and Java. Aspose.OCR Product Family is a character and optical mark recognition component built to allow developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java and .NET applications. It provides ... Read more

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    Description: Create, edit and convert HTML pages using native APIs for .NET. Aspose.HTML for .NET is an advanced HTML manipulation API to create and manipulate HTML documents within .NET applications. Developers can insert, remove, replace HTML nodes, extract CSS ... Read more

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    Description: Java APIs to manipulate HTML files on the fly. Aspose.HTML for Java is an advanced HTML manipulation API for generating and manipulating HTML within Java applications. The API allows you to to insert, remove, replace HTML nodes, extract CSS and navigate ... Read more

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    Description: Develop high performance Android apps with the ability to create, manipulate and convert PowerPoint presentations. Aspose.Slides for Android via Java is a PowerPoint File Manipulation API for Android application programmers. Developers can perform a wide ... Read more

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    Primary Category: PDF Components
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    Description: Create and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. Aspose.PDF for C++ is a native C++ library that enables developers to add PDF processing capabilities to their C++ applications. It can be used to build any type of 32-bit or 64-bit C++ ... Read more

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    Description: Create, manipulate or convert email messages in C++ applications. Aspose.Email for C++ is a suite of class libraries that makes it easier to work with a number of email message formats such as MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT. It enables application developers to ... Read more

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    Description: Manipulate and render Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and slides in C++ applications. Aspose.Slides for C++ is a powerful API to manipulate, render and convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations without requiring PowerPoint. The API supports high ... Read more