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  1. Description: A complete SCM (Software Configuration Management) solution designed for task based development, with branching, full project's structure versioning, distributed system, multiserver support, security system based on ACLs and more. Plastic SCM ... Read more

  2. Description: A complete SCM (Software Configuration Management) solution with Eclipse and Visual Studio integration. Plastic SCM Standard Edition is a source code version control system with full integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs, and with accurate ... Read more

  3. Description: Leverage a complete report management solution. SAP Crystal Reports software enables you to easily design interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source. Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering, giving them the power ... Read more

  4. Description: Advanced Job Scheduling to automate your applications. SmartBatch is an easy-to-use advanced job scheduler for the Windows environment. The SmartBatch functionality is geared toward automating your applications. It is a completely integrated solution that ... Read more

  5. Description: Live remote technical support anytime, anywhere. SupportSmith IT Support's architecture allows for peer-to-peer connections in a secure, reliable and firewall-friendly manner. No ports are required to be open in either the customer's nor ... Read more

  6. Description: A report server for SAP Crystal Reports, Grape City/Data Dynamics ActiveReports and Telerik Reporting. ReportServer/Universal is a report server that hosts reports created with SAP Crystal Reports, Grape City/Data Dynamics ActiveReports and Telerik ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Maintenance release includes several bug fixes. Unable to add child elements to Phrase and Optional Phrase elements. Enabling a grammar defined from a source string fails. Stopping VoiceXML document crashes CDW. ... Read more

  8. Description: Enterprise-level HTML5 Visual Studio designer for new apps. Visual WebGui allows you to create rich internet applications (RIA) and efficiently deliver data centric web applications. Designed with productivity and ROI in mind Visual WebGui Professional ... Read more

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    Description: XML-aware diff/merge tool for file and directory differencing. Altova DiffDog Enterprise is a powerful diff/merge tool for files, folders, and directories. It also includes support for comparing/merging Microsoft Word documents, XML Schemas, and comparing ... Read more

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    Pricing: Altova DiffDog Professional 2018 - Upgrade from Altova DiffDog Professional 2017 - Installed Users Installed User License for 1 User - Upgrade Mfr. Part No: D17P-D18P-I001 Our Part No: 517381-976301 Installed User License for 1 User with 1 Year SMP - ... Read more