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    Description: Enterprise level SQL Server auditing with compliance reports. ApexSQL Audit (formerly ApexSQL Comply) is an enterprise level solution for companies big and small which allows you to audit all SQL Server activities, ensure adherence to compliance policies, ... Read more

  2. Description: SQL auditing and compliance. ApexSQL Comply is a SQL Server auditing tool with a wide range of possibilities for auditing access, changes, and security on SQL Server instances, databases, and objects. It audits queries, DDL and DML operations, security ... Read more

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    Description: Get all ApexSQL server management tools in a single bundle. ApexSQL DBA includes all 6 of ApexSQL's server management tools which currently include ApexSQL Audit, ApexSQL Backup, ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Monitor, ApexSQL Recover and ApexSQL Restore. ... Read more

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    Description: Enforce database best practices by reviewing, detecting and fixing issues. ApexSQL Enforce is a best practices enforcement tool for SQL Server database objects and scripts. It comes with an integrated editor featuring code auto-complete for writing custom ... Read more

  5. Description: Add reporting to your database in minutes with no HTML Coding, SQL Reporting Services etc. ApexSQL Report is a data driven, Web reporting solution for Microsoft SQL Server, it uses Stored Procedure Metadata to create sort able and page able HTML reports. ... Read more

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    Description: Work with backups just like with live databases. ApexSQL Restore allows you to restore your backups with less time and space. Work with backups just like with live databases, mount backups to a specific point in time, speed up SQL database restores and ... Read more

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    Description: A complete package of SQL Tools with 1 year Free Maintenance and all New Products for a Year. ApexSQL Universal is a suite of SQL Tools and includes tools for Editing/IDE, to comparison/sync, scripting, auditing (both Passive and Active), Reporting, ... Read more

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    Description: Manage and automate SQL Server backups while preserving the backup chain. ApexSQL Backup is a tool that enables management and automation of backup jobs while preserving the backup chain for easy point-in-time restoration (database rollback). In addition, ... Read more

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    Screenshots: Track SQL object dependencies down to the column level. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Enhances SQL Server Analysis Service monitoring in multiple SQL Server instances. Monitor the most important SQL Server Analysis Service Multidimensional databases performance metrics in multiple SQL Server instances. Monitor the most important SQL Server ... Read more