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    Release Notes: Maintenance release fixes bug in trial mode. Updates in 2018.06 Fixes: The application cannot collect performance metrics during the trial period. ... Read more

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    Description: Manage SQL Server jobs including job history overview, job schedules and job alerts. ApexSQL Job is a powerful database administration tool used for SQL Server Agent job management on multiple servers. It allows SQL Agent jobs to be created, edited, ... Read more

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    Description: Read and analyze SQL log files. SysTools SQL Log Analyzer is a tool for analysing LDF log files. It helps you analyze transactions and quickly recover SQL LDF files. You can read all INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE transactions and can export log files to a new ... Read more

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    Description: A complete package of SQL Tools with 1 year Free Maintenance and all New Products for a Year. ApexSQL Universal is a suite of SQL Tools and includes tools for Editing/IDE, to comparison/sync, scripting, auditing (both Passive and Active), Reporting, ... Read more

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    Description: Find and fix SQL fragmentation hot spots fast. SQL defrag manager is a unique SQL Server index defragmentation solution that automates the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes based on parameters that you define within a policy for the ... Read more

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    Description: Access data in SQL backup files without restoring. SQL virtual database is a powerful new solution that lets you attach SQL Server backup files and query them just like they were real databases. Its revolutionary, patent-pending technology allows DBAs to ... Read more

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    Description: Automatically populates databases with realistic test data. SQL Data Generator is a test data generator for MS SQL Server databases. With SQL Data Generator you can generate data in one click, creating realistic data based on column and table names. The ... Read more

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    Description: Compare, synchronize and update databases structure. Database Comparer Tools helps you compare one database with another or databases, with SQL/DDL scripts or even two SQL/DDL scripts. Database Comparer Tools includes an intelligent and robust ... Read more

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    Description: Simplify and streamline day-to-day SQL administration tasks. SQL Admin Toolset is a set of 25 essential desktop tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, administering and reporting on your SQL Servers. Reduce administrative tasks from hours to minutes and ... Read more

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    Pricing: Altova MissionKit Enterprise 2018 - Upgrade from Altova XMLSpy 2018 Enterprise Edition - Installed Users Installed User License for 1 User - Upgrade Mfr. Part No: S18E-K18E-I001 Our Part No: 517584-978347 Installed User License for 1 User with 1 Year SMP ... Read more