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  1. Description: Automatically clean up, rotate, deskew images to reduce file size, prepare for OCR and visual presentation. ClearImage Image Processing SDK can be used to automatically clean-up images, including auto-rotation, auto-deskew, crop, noise removal etc. ... Read more

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    Description: Develop powerful PACS and Medical imaging applications. LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite features include Medical Web Viewer Framework, Medical 3D, Medical Multimedia, high and low level PACS SCP and SCU functions and controls, DICOM PACS communication ... Read more

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    Description: Build robust and scalable cross-platform multi-tier database solutions. Data Abstract is a framework for building fast, secure and reliable data access into your applications, from Enterprise solutions to mobile apps. Use the 100% pure Java framework to ... Read more

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    Description: Add interactive gantt charts to your Web applications. RadiantQ jQuery Gantt Package includes rich and interactive Gantt widgets that were natively built in jQuery for fast performance and a professional look and feel. This truly cross-platform solution ... Read more

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    Description: Stay up to date with all RemObjects products for your platform. RemObjects Suite Subscriptions grant you access to all current and upcoming RemObjects products at a great price, without ever worrying about missing out on important updates. Also, as new ... Read more

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    Description: Easily integrate JavaScript charts with content drill-down and multi-touch enabled Big Data visualizations into your Web projects. ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts Library is a JavaScript/HTML library that helps you add visually rich and interactive charts to ... Read more

  7. 57. JSCharting Buy Now

    Brand: JSCharting
    Primary Category: Chart Components
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    Description: Stunning JavaScript charts and Data Visualizations for your website and web applications. JSCharting is a JavaScript chart data visualization library which includes over 150 advanced chart types plus interactive JavaScript stock charts, seamless JS grid, ... Read more

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    Description: Gantt, Schedule, Load, and PERT Chart components with rich user experience, customizable appearance and behavior, high performance, and printing. DlhSoft Gantt Chart Bundle includes Gantt Chart Light Library for WPF, Gantt Chart Hyper Library for HTML5 ... Read more

  9. 59. Vizuly Corona Buy Now

    Brand: Vizuly
    Primary Category: Chart Components
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    Description: A radial line and area layout visualization. Vizuly Corona is a radial chart that provides angular and curved radial area line curves and supports both an overlap and stacked layout. It also features over a dozen different dynamic styles and comes bundled ... Read more

  10. 60. Vizuly Weighted Tree Buy Now

    Brand: Vizuly
    Primary Category: Chart Components
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    Description: Represent asymmetric hierarchical information in an easy to read visualization. Vizuly Weighted Tree nodes and branches can be dynamically sized and styled based on data bound properties that you set. One challenge with large hierarchal tree structures is ... Read more