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  1. Description: AJAX enabled data display. Infragistics WebTree can display hierarchical data including root nodes, parent nodes and child nodes. These nodes can be populated by building them up from collections or by binding them to data. Infragistics WebTree's ... Read more

  2. Description: The power of Microsoft Excel in your smart client. Infragistics WinCalcManager adds Microsoft Excel formula support to NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls, including Infragistics WinGrid and Infragistics WinEditors. In Visual Studio 2008, native Microsoft ... Read more

  3. 63. Infragistics WinChart i

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Chart Components

    Description: Data visualization is critical to understanding the numbers. With Infragistics WinChart control you can easily create and customize the best visualization for your information to impress and enlighten your users. Infragistics WinChart offers intelligent ... Read more

  4. Description: Stand alone or embedded multi-column combo. Infragistics WinCombo component is a databound combo box .NET control providing a simplified version of the Infragistics data grid control in the form of a drop-down list. Infragistics WinCombo can be used on ... Read more

  5. Description: Virtually load millions of rows of data. Infragistics WinDataSource allows you to add Load-on-demand (or virtual data operations) to your Windows Forms applications. Infragistics WinDataSource is used by the Infragistics WinGrid and other controls to ... Read more

  6. Description: A completely customizable desktop alert window. Infragistics WinDesktopAlert allow you to add Pop-up "toaster" messages to your applications. Pop-up "toaster" messages on the desktop have become a popular means to alert users in ... Read more

  7. Description: Maximize screen real estate with pinning and docking. Maximize your users screen real-estate by creating complex layouts using Infragistics WinDockManager. With Infragistics WinDockManager, Windows can be grouped with horizontal or vertical splits, ... Read more

  8. Description: Complete stand alone or embeddable data entry editors for any situation. Infragistics WinEditors components give you complete data display and data entry for grids, treeviews, and scheduling controls. With Infragistics WinEditors, you can choose exactly ... Read more

  9. Description: Multiple navigation views in a single control. Infragistics WinExplorerBar is a toolbox, OutlookNavigation and VS 2005 toolbox in a single control. With Infragistics WinExplorerBar, you can add advanced navigational capabilities to your Windows Forms ... Read more

  10. Description: Over a dozen essential components for all applications. Infragistics WinExtras provides the common controls needed to add the finishing touches to an application. Infragistics WinExtras includes components to show progress text on top of a progress bar ... Read more