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  1. Features: OLAP ModelKit features Contains only 100% .NET managed code. Compatible with Visual Studio 2003/2005 and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 Wizard for cubes creation is available. The pivot table setting wizard is available both at visual design time and at ... Read more

  2. Features: SharePointListSearch Features: Using filter in any ListViewWebPart located on the page. With the help of Filter Web Part it’s possible to create a form able to search for information in any needed SharePoint lists. Filtering by the part of the word. In ... Read more

  3. Features: ComponentOne DataObjects Features C1DataObjects is based on Microsoft ADO.NET technology and enhances it in many ways to empower and simplify database application development in Visual Studio .NET C1DataObjects uses the standard business object paradigm ... Read more

  4. Features: ComponentOne LiveLinq is a class library that extends the functionality of LINQ in two related directions: It makes LINQ faster LiveLinq uses indexing and other optimizations to speed up LINQ queries in memory. Speed gains can be hundreds and even ... Read more

  5. Features: Main Functions File Identifying Function: OfficeHTMLFilter V1.1 identifies the name and version of the application that produced the file. Each file is identified precisely based not on extension type, but the information inside the file Converting ... Read more

  6. 66. TeeBI Archived

    Primary Category: Data Access Components

    Features: Integrations with the "R" Language and Python's frameworks provide an easy way to use TeeBI data with statistical and machine-learning algorithms and perform statistical and predictive analysis to help identify patterns and trends. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  7. Features: TeeBI provides an array of chart types, grids and customization options to easily create beautiful and detailed data visualizations for instant analysis. Dashboards and reports can be built from multiple data sources and types. Plugin your own favorite ... Read more

  8. Features: TeeBI is a performance-oriented API (component library) to enable data gathering, processing and optionally interacting with machine-learning algorithms. Data can be created manually by code, or it can be automatically imported from many different sources ... Read more

  9. 67. ComponentOne Query i

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Data Access Components

    Features: Features: Ad hoc query functionality at run time, not design time -ComponentOne Query collects end-user input and generates an SQL query or an ADO Filter condition at run time. Now you can add ad hoc query functionality to your applications and make it ... Read more

  10. 68. True DataControl i

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Data Access Components

    Features: Here is an explanation of the True DataControl features: Calculated fields - All that you need to create a calculated field dependent on the values of other fields is to define a formula. True DataControl will maintain the field's value and update it ... Read more