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  1. Description: Replicate the functionality of a traditional, standard Windows Forms dialog window. xamDialogWindow allows you to popup both modal and non-modal dialog windows within your Web-based Silverlight applications easily. xamDialogWindow’s flexible XAML ... Read more

  2. Description: A WPF docking control for powerful user interface and layout customization. Deliver the user interface your users want to work in with the xamDockManager, a docking and layout management control for your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) user ... Read more

  3. Description: Smoothly edit dates, times, currency, numbers, and more with xamEditors. The xamEditors are a set of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) editor controls that enhance your users data entry experience by validating data at the time of entry, facilitating ... Read more

  4. 74. Infragistics xamMenu i

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Menu Components

    Description: Add drop down, popup and nested menus to your Silverlight applications. xamMenu lets you create multi-level menus that popup, dropdown and nest. With xamMenu submenus slide open and close with smooth, graceful animation. With xamMenu any hierarchy of ... Read more

  5. Description: Bring Outlook-style navigation to WPF applications. Microsoft's Outlook navigation bar has become a pivotal part of today's user interfaces and a staple of modern line of business applications.  With the introduction of xamOutlookBar to your ... Read more

  6. Description: Organize application functionality with this WPF Ribbon. The introduction of the ribbon in the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface has been widely heralded as one of the greater breakthroughs and innovations in how people and applications interact. Now ... Read more

  7. Description: Silverlight slider control. xamSlider includes simple sliders with one thumb to range sliders that can have two or more, from numbers to dates, and from generic base class to the specific data types you need, xamSlider has it all. xamSliders templating ... Read more

  8. Description: A Robust WPF Tab Control for All Occasions Give users quick access to your application's business content with the neat, scrollable, stackable, closable tabs of xamTabControl. Much like how its XAML markup nests, each tab acts as a natural container ... Read more

  9. Description: Display content tiles in your WPF applications. xamTilesControl displays templated content tiles based on any ItemsSource you provide in the rows and columns of an animated, engaging, and interactive Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) layout panel. ... Read more

  10. Description: Data entry that is intuitively easy. The new Infragistics xamWebNumericEditor simplifies the entry and editing of numeric data to any number of decimal places, and confined to any range with programmable upper and lower bounds that reduce errorneous user ... Read more