1. Customer Review: Really happy with the beta version of the JavaScript package from SyncFusion. I had to contact the support and the reply was prompt. The examples provided are really helpful to speed up in the integration. Only low note for the beta is that some widgets ... Read more

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  4. Customer Review: I've been using Syncfusion Essential Studio within WPF for a while now and the quality of the controls really are superb. We've incorporated the Ribbon control into our application quite successfully now and the flexibility that these controls ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Customer Review: Started using recently only. All I can say is it's a great product backed by excellent support. My favorites are schedule, chart and grid controls. To those new users like me, If you need help, lots of local and online samples, documentation and ... Read more

  6. Customer Review: I started to work with syncfusion about 3 years ago when I started to work for my current employee. Since the start it was really impressive to see the capabilities it made available for a much better user interaction. It took a little time for me to ... Read more

  7. Customer Review: I've used Syncfusion products quite a few times over the years. Most recently with Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC. I'm primarily using the tools (tree view, WYSIWYG editor, and some others). My options were develop our own, use open source, or ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Customer Review: My experience with Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC was awesome. The best features i experienced from this product was the essential grid and tools which helped me to deliver a quality web portal project on time. I didn't experience any bug ... Read more

  9. Customer Review: Excellent tool for developers! maikel [Brazil] 5 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  10. Customer Review: I purchased the product and attempted to use one of the components. I had some questions regarding exactly how to get that done. Posted a support ticket and they answered within 24 hours complete with an example. Very helpful, product works nicely. wayne ... Read more

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    Customer Review: I have been extremely impressed with it's abilities as a an editor and with what is provided, the .NET integration and setup was easy and the programming model is straightforward. 0 ... Read more Show more results from this product

  13. Customer Review: As a new customer, I would like to say thank you for an impressive product. It has been a pleasure to work with from day one! 0 ... Read more

  14. Customer Review: Very happy and impressed with the X8 release and the capabilities. Especially Reflow. 0 ... Read more

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    Customer Review: A new API has been integrated into Infragistics xamDataChart, a charting component for handling high volumes of data and available in both Infragistics Silverlight and WPF Data Visualization Data Chart Control that are also part of the NetAdvantage ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Customer Review: The Infragistics' two new NetAdvantage Data Visualization toolsets, one for WPF, the other for Silverlight contain lots of handy and impressive data presentation components and they work in roughly the same way. So answering the all important ... Read more

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