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HexaTech, located in Silicon Valley, was founded in 1995 with the mission to build and provide innovative software components for software developers.

HexaTech customers include Fortune 1000 or globally recognized leaders in their industries, including Dell, Motorola, American Express, Samsung, Eastman Kodak, Gerber, General Motors, Rockwell, Bank America, Staples, US Army, Raytheon, First American National Bank, US Navy, Unocal 76, Honeywell, BlueCross BlueShield, Radio Shack, CBS News, US Dept of Labor, Mattel, Fuji Film, Internal Revenue Service, Siemens and Shell.


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825 Sonia Way
Mountain View, CA 94040


AceView launched
A reporting, drawing generator and print preview control written in fully managed .NET C#.
Dynamic report generation for Web apps
HexaTech VIEWidget lets you add a fully functional report generator and print preview control to your Web applications.