Jet Messaging adds 2014A Schema set C# DLLs

Improve time to market with ready-to-use OpenTravel libraries
8月 21, 2014 - 9:48

When OpenTravel releases its new Schema sets and updates, Jet Messaging provides the corresponding C# DLLs. The DLLs have full-fidelity and in-built validation matching the definitions in the source XML schema, contain operational characteristics like any other .NET type (e.g. serialize/deserialize) and are ready to use by development teams in their own development environment.

The following editions are available:

Eric Lehmann, CEO of Jet Messaging, said: "Jet Messaging has bridged the gap between the managers who define a schema and the software developers who consume the schema when developing applications. The OpenTravel libraries provide embedded element and attribute documentation and are auto-generated with each new schema release. We help OpenTravel offer software developers a leg up in helping themselves to bootstrap their application development".

The DLL can be referenced just like any other coding library within Visual Studio and allows rapid development of the travel application. This is a powerful motivator for the technical developer community to easily engage with the new schemas and get the very real project level benefits. Get rid of the low level programming and enjoy real programming.

Further Libraries offering the full range of types in the OpenTravel 1.0 and 2.0, ISO20022, SWIFT, NIEM, HL7 schema definitions as well as Java library versions will be released during 2014.

About Jet Messaging Technologies

Jet Messaging Technologies is a software company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It produces strong-typed libraries which conform to International Schema Definitions including Open Travel (OTA), SWIFT and ISO20022. The libraries have full fidelity with the corresponding schema definitions and have operational characteristics just like any other type in the targeted development environment. The company is also active in developing products that leverage the benefits of such a strong-type landscape.

Sample flight application built using OpenTravel-OTA (Air).


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