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将 2D CAD 图纸转换为 PDF。

CADConverter is a PDF automation tool to enable Windows applications to rapidly and easily convert CAD files to PDF. Native CAD files contain intricate details that require specialized applications for viewing. Architects, engineers, and others are looking for a way to share these complex CAD drawings internally and externally to their company. PDF is the perfect solution for ease-of-distribution, ensuring high-fidelity while maintaining the integrity of the original CAD design.  Robust features provide full control over document production and automation, without compromising scalability or performance.   CADConverter may be deployed as a standalone application or as a companion to ActivePDF DocConverter, providing a complete solution for automated document conversion.

Automate CAD to PDF

  • Transform hundreds of 2D DWG, DXF and DGN files to PDF
  • Deploy Conversion process via Watched Folders or through API integration.
  • Export Settings: Font Embedding, Color Mode, Layers Paper Size, etc.

High Quality Drawing Conversion
Convert 2D drawings, plans, and diagrams to cross-platform PDF and PDF/A without compromising the design intent or visual fidelity. Powered by DocConverter, CADConverter delivers the built-in fault tolerance, redundancy, and speed deployed in workflow applications for over 15 years.

Reduce the cost to share CAD designs
Centralize conversion on the server for a high fidelity PDF generation without requiring any additional AutoCAD licenses. No per user or per document fees.  This eliminates human error and costly, manual procedures to meet organizational throughput demands.

Leverage existing enterprise content management systems (CMS)
Automated settings are controlled at the server level. Watched folders can be set up in 5 minutes, while API enables easy integration to SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet and more.