Five Stars

S. Mathur美国5 星

We develop a cloud-based application which provides tools to teach and learn American Psychological Association (APA) Style and facilitates the publication of manuscripts which conform to APA Style. Aspose Document Manipulation APIs are the basis the essential back-end services for the writing component of this software.

We needed to generate accurate paginated renderings of our proprietary-format composite documents in identical PDF and Microsoft Word formats, to drive on-screen preview and final document export. We found the ability in Aspose to specify presentation rules as CSS greatly simplified the process because we could share style definitions between our HTML-based editor and the pagination pipeline; but when more complex constructs were needed, we could plug in code to override the default handling. We also used Aspose’s document-parsing facility to provide our application the capability to extract and import images, tables, and other embedded objects from externally produced Microsoft Word documents uploaded by our users.

Aspose’s APIs provided a mix of services for document construction and deconstruction which was ideal for our application requirements and shortened our development time - and it is a workhorse which runs 24/7 on our cloud-based production servers.