Infragistics xamDialogWindow

xamDialogWindow allows you to popup both modal and non-modal dialog windows within your Web-based Silverlight applications easily. xamDialogWindow’s flexible XAML templating and styling capabilities combined with programmable dialog behaviors such as minimize, maximize, restore and close, enable you to add the dialog window and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) user interface patterns to any Rich Internet Application.

xamDialogWindow Key Features at a Glance

  • Modal or Modeless - The xamDialogWindow allows you to open the dialog modally or modelessly to control the flow of your application.
  • Customizable Header and Content - The header and content of the xamDialogWindow is 100% templatable with XAML using popular tools such as Visual Studio® 2010 or Expression Blend®.
  • Resizable - Just like a resizable dialog on the desktop, end users can drag the borders of xamDialogWindow to new dimensions.
  • Location - The...


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