IntegralUI TreeView

IntegralUI TreeView gives you the next step in creating professional and modern user interface. With it you can customize the hierarchical presentation of data. Images, text and custom controls can be included in every node, and it gives you more flexibility in creation of custom user interface. Includes fast list creation, XML encoding of node text, rich styling features, customizable appearance and theme support.

Highly customizable appearance

  • General color styles for checkboxes, scrollbars and control background
  • Different color styles for every state of Node
  • Styles can be inherited from the parent control
  • Appearance of the Node can be set by custom images or color schemes
  • Nodes can have space between them
  • Partial or Full Transparency
  • Customizable border with three shapes and control over visibility of each border side
  • Office 2007 fading effect with five speed levels
  • Watermarks
  • Theme support
  • Visual...


IntegralUI TreeView adds Compact View
IntegralUI TreeView adds Compact View
Show nodes with their siblings and parent nodes only.
IntegralUI TreeView V3.2 released
IntegralUI TreeView V3.2 released
Show rating values against tree nodes in hierarchical data using the new RatingControl.
IntegralUI Lists adds pixel-based scroll
IntegralUI Lists adds pixel-based scroll
Version 3.1 also adds mouse wheel support and full compatibility with Visual Studio 2010.
IntegralUI TreeView improves performance
IntegralUI TreeView improves performance
Version 3.0 also features new XML attributes and adds RightToLeft support.
TreeView and TreeListView updated
TreeView and TreeListView updated
Latest versions gain eight new built-in controls which can be used standalone or inside list controls.

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