Structure101 Workspace

将您的代码基结构在您的 IDE 中复活。


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Structure101 Workspace

Structure101 Workspace shows you live visualizations of code dependencies in the context of the overall architecture. It allows you to notice tangles and spec violations as they happen and you can easily see how project/modules and packages use each other.

Structure101 Workspace Features

  • Browse Top-Down - Browse top-down to discover how projects and packages use each other, and drill down for code-level details. Items are laid out so that dependencies flow down as much as possible.
  • Browse Bottom-Up - Browse bottom-up to discover how a code item is used, and where dependencies are located in the architecture.
  • Auto Follow - Select auto-follow to have the item under the cursor automatically spotlit (yellow highlight, using items above, used items...


Structure101 Workspace 发布
Structure101 Workspace 发布
将您的代码基结构在您的 IDE 中复活。

价格从: $ 342.02

Licenses are per user per year, and include support and all updates。 Support entitles you to email support Monday - Friday 09。00 - 17。30 GMT, excluding Irish public holidays。 Customers with up-to-date...


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Compatible Containers
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  • Eclipse