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  1. WinForms Scheduler-Calendar Control

    截图: WinForms Scheduler-Calendar Control 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  2. 截图: WPF Scheduler-Calendar Control 阅读更多

  3. 截图: Silverlight Scheduler-Calendar Control 阅读更多

  4. Scheduling

    截图: Scheduling 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  5. 说明: XtraScheduler Suite enables you to incorporate the UI found in Microsoft Office Calendar to your applications ... 阅读更多

  6. 发行说明: a pivot table for multi-dimensional data analysis. HTML 5 Scheduler (optimized for web apps) - Display ... appointments or calendar events (local or remote storage sources) across a timetable. ... 阅读更多

  7. Aspose.Total for .NET 关于

    说明: 为您的.NET应用程序增加图表、电子邮件、拼写检查、条码生成、临时查询生成、重复图案、流程和流行文件格式的管理等功能。 Aspose.Total可向您提供 Aspose所有现有的构件以及在您一年的订阅期内新发布的构件。 有了Aspose.Total,您可以通过编程的方式对一些最流行的商业文件格式进行管理: Word、Excel、 PowerPoint、 Project、 PDF和Flash。 除了文件管理构件以外,Aspose.Total还包含图表、电子邮件、拼写检查、条码生成、临时查询生成、重复图案、工作流程方面的构件。 Aspose.Total .NET 包含下列产品: Aspose ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  8. 说明: Add time-oriented recurrence patterns and schedules to your .NET applications. Aspose.iCalendar ... Recurrence Patterns, or schedules. Many applications need to manage this type of information, which can often ... 阅读更多

  9. 最新消息: Aspose.Cells for .NET Import formulae with values from an Excel file Import Excel files from a stream without calculating all formulae Export to XPS files Create write-protected XLSX files Load data asynchronously Supports IE9 without using compatibility mode Set background image for a cell's ... 阅读更多

  10. Outlook® inspired scheduler, gantt and calendar control.

    特点: The easiest way to emulate, the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Outlook's Scheduler ... . The DevExpress WinForms Scheduler features day, week, month, timeline and Gantt views and includes built-in ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  11. 说明: you to incorporate the UI found in Microsoft Office Calendar to your applications with just a couple ... 阅读更多

  12. 发行说明: Friday, June 5, 2015 Updates in 15.1.3 WinForms Accordion Control - Create a full-featured NavBar with multiple items (actions). WinForms Navigation Pane - Provides a set of pages that can be vertically aligned into a single column. WinForms SDI Navigation Frame - SDI (Single Document Interface) ... 阅读更多

  13. WinSchedule

    截图: WinSchedule provides everything necessary for a full-featured resource scheduling application. ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  14. 发行说明: improved ease-of-use xamSchedule - NEW! Add Microsoft Outlook 2010-style scheduling to your WPF line ... of business applications with this complete set of stylable scheduling UI controls and extensible data ... connectors Complete Scheduling Solution xamSchedule includes rich scheduling functionality like multi-day ... 阅读更多

  15. 说明: Develop apps across any .NET platform as well as hybrid apps in HTML5, Ignite UI and Infragistics Reporting. Infragistics Professional is a powerful tool for building stunning apps for Windows with Windows Forms, WPF and Windows 8, for the Web with HTML 5, ASP.NET and Silverlight. It provides a ... 阅读更多

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    Outlook® inspired scheduler and calendar control.

    特点: The DevExpress WPF Scheduler and Calendar Suite has been engineered so you can address ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  17. 截图: Outlook inspired scheduler and calendar control. ... 阅读更多

  18. 发行说明: the capabilities of this new library, you can introduce scheduling/calendar functionality to your WPF applications ... DXperience WPF v2010 vol 2 features new scheduling/calendar, rich text editor and spell checker controls ... introduces an entirely new product for the WPF platform – The DevExpress WPF Scheduler Control. By leveraging ... 阅读更多

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    ActiveReports 9 关于

    说明: , Shape, and TextBox controls. Table, Matrix, List, Sparkline, Calendar, and BandedList data regions ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  20. 说明: Line, OverflowPlaceholder, Shape, and TextBox controls. Table, Matrix, List, Sparkline, Calendar ... 阅读更多

  21. Outlook® inspired scheduler & calendar.

    特点: Outlook’s Scheduler on the ASP.NET platform. The DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler features day, week, month, ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  22. 规格: • ASP.NET WebForms Controls Data Grid • • • Charting • • • Calendar & Scheduling • • • Site ... Library • • • ASP.NET MVC Extensions Data Grid • • • Charting • • • Calendar & Scheduling • • • Site ... Controls Data Grid   • • Charting   • • Calendar & Scheduling   • • Ribbon   • • Toolbar-Menu   • • ... 阅读更多

  23. 说明: 所有Developer Express 生产的ASP.NET 构件套和库是在一个软件包中提供的。 DXperience DXv2 ASP.NET包含下列产品: XtraReports Suite, XtraCharts Suite, ASPxGridView and Editors Suite, ASPxScheduler Suite, ASPxHTMLEditor Suite, ASPxTreeList Suite, ASPxPivotGrid Suite, ASPxSpellChecker, ASPxCloudControl, ASPxDataView, ASPxMenu, ... 阅读更多

  24. About Aspose.Total for Java

    说明: Add popular file format management to your Java applications. With Aspose.Total for Java you will be able to programmatically manage some of the most popular file formats used in business: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Aspose.Total for Java is a compilation of every Java component offered by ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  25. 最新消息: Aspose.Words for Java Embedded fonts from DOCX documents are used when rendering to graphics. Saving documents to multipage TIFF is supported. Rendering of individual shapes into images is supported. Custom XML Parts and Custom Parts are available in the public API. Improvements and fixes in the ... 阅读更多

  26. $$$ | 购买

    截图: ExpressScheduler is a scheduling library built upon Developer Express’s industry-leading visual ... infrastructure, ExpressScheduler will help you build scheduling applications that mimic the UI of Microsoft ... 阅读更多 显示有关该产品的更多结果

  27. 说明: VCL components for: data entry, charting, data analysis, navigation, layout, grids, scheduling ... and the needs of your end-users. ExpressScheduler ExpressScheduler will help you build scheduling applications ... 阅读更多

  28. 发行说明: calendar featuring mouse wheel support and optional animation. Image Editor now supports animated GIF ... 阅读更多