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  1. 说明: A complete collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, Web, and desktop. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise (formerly ComponentOne Studio) is an extensive, flexible collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, web, and ... 阅读更多

  2. 说明: Maintain a complete collection of Windows forms components for all aspects of application development. ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition provides existing ComponentOne.NET tools, any new.NET tools and updates released within your 1 year subscription ... 阅读更多

  3. 3. Spread.NET 现在购买

    品牌: GrapeCity
    主要类别: 表格控件

    说明: Deliver Excel-like spreadsheet experiences. Spread.NET helps you create spreadsheets, grids, dashboards, and forms. It includes a powerful calculation engine with 450+ functions and the ability to import and export Excel spreadsheets. Leverage the ... 阅读更多

  4. 说明: Add CAD capabilities to your.NET applications. Eyeshot Ultimate is a.NET control that allows developers to easily add CAD functionality to WinForms and WPF applications. It provides tools for building geometries from scratch, analyzing them using the ... 阅读更多

  5. $$$ | 购买

    说明: Over 100 essential WPF UI controls. ComponentOne WPF Edition is a collection of easy-to-use WPF components, including advanced grids, charts, reporting, and scheduling controls for.NET applications. ComponentOne WPF controls are built with XAML to promote ... 阅读更多

  6. 说明: 用最新的 Silverlight 组件照亮您的丰富互联网应用。 ComponentOne Studio Silverlight Edition is a complete set of enterprise quality components in the Silverlight market with over 50 innovative Silverlight controls including grid, vector graphics, uploader, custom layouts, ... 阅读更多

  7. $$$ | 购买

    说明: Web Forms controls for complete business solutions. ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Edition makes it easy to develop attractive, interactive, and relevant web applications in Visual Studio. Meet today's business demands and keep your ... 阅读更多

  8. $$$ | 购买

    说明: Build modern, touch-first solutions. With ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition, you'll get fast, lightweight controls to support any user requirement, all the benefits of MVC's test-driven development, and professional designs on the latest ... 阅读更多

  9. $$$ | 购买

    说明: No Code, Instant Productivity in Visual Studio LightSwitch. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers rapidly develop data-based applications with minimal code. ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition takes this ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Add spreadsheet and reporting to your applications. GrapeCity PowerSuite includes ActiveReports.NET Professional, Spread.NET and ActiveAnalysis. ActiveAnalysis (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis) is a complete OLAP, data visualization and Business ... 阅读更多