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    说明: Build scalable multi-tier database solutions. RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi is an RAD tool for writing multi-tier solutions in Delphi. RemObjects Data Abstract allows you to create services that access any database, by providing a clear separation ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Build sophisticated client/server apps across all platforms. Remoting SDK is a framework that allows you to build Servers that expose functionality using Services. These services can then be accessed remotely over the network from Client Applications ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Automate Schedule Repetitive Microsoft Access and Jet Engine Database tasks. Total Visual Agent is a Windows application that automates these chores on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You simply schedule the tasks and launch it. If a problem ... 阅读更多

  4. 说明: Document and analyze your Access databases. Total Access Analyzer lets you understand how your database works and helps you find errors and performance bottlenecks. It includes the ability to detect over 100 types of errors and includes suggestions and ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Expand your projects to the .NET platform without discarding your existing native Delphi / Win32 code. Hydra is an application framework that allows developers to create modular applications that can mix managed (.NET) and unmanaged ("native" ... 阅读更多

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    说明: 构建可伸缩的多层数据库解决方案。 RemObjects Data Abstract is a RAD tool for writing multi-tier solutions. It allows you to create services that access any database, by providing a clear separation between data-access and business-logic. Data Abstract enables your ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Build robust and scalable cross-platform multi-tier database solutions. Data Abstract for Java is a true Java library designed around the principles of the Java Frameworks and runtime, 100% Java byte code. Data Abstract is a framework for building fast, ... 阅读更多

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    说明: 构建强大和可伸缩的跨平台多层数据库解决方案。 Data Abstract is a framework for building fast, secure and reliable data access into your applications, from Enterprise solutions to mobile apps. Use the 100% pure Java framework to extend the range of client applications for your ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Multi-tier database development for Apple Macintosh and iPhone platforms. Data Abstract is a framework for building database-driven applications using the multi-tier data access model. Use Data Abstract for Cocoa to build 100% native Objective-C database ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Control and manage your Access/Jet databases. Total Access Admin lets you quickly see who is currently logged into your database either directly or through linked tables. Databases can be password protected or secured through a workgroup file. You can ... 阅读更多