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  1. 说明: A single platform for enterprise app development for web, desktop, and mobile. Infragistics Professional includes 100+ beautifully styled, high-performance grids, charts, & other UI controls, plus time-saving productivity tools for developers. It ... 阅读更多

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    说明: A single platform for UX design and enterprise app development for web, desktop, and mobile. Infragistics Ultimate includes 100+ beautifully styled, high-performance grids, charts, and other UI controls, plus visual configuration tooling, rapid ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Master your enterprise development with speed, scalability, touch support all found in these WPF controls. Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF includes the time-saving controls you need with the lightning-fast, touch-friendly WPF controls. Business and ... 阅读更多

  4. 说明: Add WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and .NET user interface functionality to your applications. NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF includes controls, designed and developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform plus you also ... 阅读更多

  5. 说明: Add, grid, ribbon, scheduling, toolbar, menu, listbar, tree, UI and editing functionality to your .NET Windows Forms and WPF applications. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Win Client is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for quickly building and ... 阅读更多

  6. 6. Infragistics WPF Reporting 存档

    品牌: Infragistics
    主要类别: 报表控件

    说明: An engine for driving Windows Presentation Foundation printing and exporting. See how easy it is to print and export the visual elements on your screen with the WPF Reporting engine included with the NetAdvantage WPF controls. It streamlines printing of ... 阅读更多

  7. 说明: Listbox control unites with carousel movement. The everyday familiarity of the selectable list control meets the innovative behavior of a carousel layout to produce the xamCarouselListBox control. Leveraging the powerful framework of the xamCarouselPanel ... 阅读更多

  8. 说明: Carousel Container for Your WPF Controls. Revolutionary in its user interface, the xamCarouselPanel control for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a powerful tool for creating uniquely interactive presentations to developers and designers ... 阅读更多

  9. 说明: Bring 2D/3D charts to life with XAML driven Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) charts & graphs. Now you can create high-fidelity Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) charts and graphs using the new xamChart control. Designed from the beginning as ... 阅读更多

  10. 说明: Let your users select a color from a palette of colors in a dropdown. Infragistics xamColorPicker is a colour picker component for WPF applications. With xamColorPicker users can simply select a color box from a predetermined palette of colors as they ... 阅读更多