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    说明: Flexible easy to use reporting. SharpShooter Reports is designed for the .NET Framework, written in C#, and contains only 100% managed code. SharpShooter Reports provides the ability to generate reports of any complexity from multiple data sources and ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Add powerful reporting to your Windows Store applications. SharpShooter Reports.WinRT will help you add reporting to you WinRT-based business applications. The reports will seamlessly integrate into your Windows Store styled software. Add reports in the ... 阅读更多

  3. 说明: Hundreds of controls for WinJS and WinRT. Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows UI lets you build business applications and engaging lifestyle/leisure apps in WinJS or WinRT. No matter what the platform or category, apps created with Infragistics ... 阅读更多