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  1. 说明: A set of WPF controls for mission-critical applications. Xceed Business Suite for WPF is a resource-friendly set of components for building WPF applications. It includes a WPF datagrid control, 3D views, listbox and editors that are all data-virtualized ... 阅读更多

  2. 说明: A must-have set of controls and libraries for every Windows developer. Xceed Ultimate Suite includes an essential set of 160+ flexible, reliable and high-performance controls and libraries, for all Windows platforms. UI controls for your application front ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create Zip files or compress/uncompress data in memory. Xceed Zip for ActiveX is a high-performance Zip and Unzip data compression library that lets your applications create and manipulate 100% Zip-compatible Zip files as well as compress/uncompress data ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create or manipulate Microsoft Word documents from your.NET applications, without requiring Word or Office to be installed. Xceed Words for.NET is fast and lightweight and can create Word files from scratch or modify existing ones. It gives you complete ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create Zip files or compress/uncompress data in memory. Xceed Zip for.NET is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for.NET and ASP.NET. It provides flexible zip, unzip, streaming data compression and an innovative and ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Easily add efficient FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL) file transfer capabilities to your iOS or Android applications. Xceed FTP for Xamarin works with all FTP server types and comes with built-in support for Unix, VMS, AS/400, Windows and DOS. It supports all ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Feature rich DataGrid with support for both local and async data sources. Xceed DataGrid for JavaScript is a feature-rich grid for JavaScript apps. It includes support for simple column management, data binding, grouping, sorting and filtering, along with ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create or manipulate Microsoft Excel documents from your.NET applications, without the need for Excel or Office to be installed. Xceed Workbooks for.NET is a fast and lightweight component and can create or modify Microsoft Excel documents. It gives you ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create PDF documents from your.NET applications. Xceed PDF Creator for.NET lets your application create new PDF documents, or convert.docx documents to PDF. It lets you create PDF documents with all commonly used element types, such as paragraphs, ... 阅读更多

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    说明: Create and read Zip files with no intermediate disk/memory storage, and without waiting for complete files to arrive or be read. Xceed Real-Time Zip for Xamarin provides “on-the-fly” performance ideal for server and networking scenarios, and high-demand ... 阅读更多