ZoomCharts Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI 發佈

使用互動式深化和滾動功能視覺化和流覽 Microsoft Power BI 資料。
6月 11, 2018 - 9:19


  • Image support for vertices - Add personalized images to vertices for more intuitive representation of the data behind it.
  • Data-driven styles - Dynamic sizing and styling of vertices based on data.
  • Rich configuration options - Configure category colors, inner/outer label font styles and color, dynamic or pre-set node radius for each category, width and decoration for links, data-driven labels, legend placement and much more.
  • Customizable vertices - Customize color, radius, labels, size, image and shape of your vertices.
  • Customizable edges - Edges can be customized to have the color, type, decorations and data-driven labels.
  • Images support - Enliven your reports with images for the vertices that need to be emphasized.
  • Up-to 9 categories - Add up-to 9 categories of vertices to the network visualization.
  • Customizable labels - Configure inside and outside label content and appearance.
  • Legend configuration - Legend can be shown or hidden and positioned on top or bottom, right or left.
ZoomCharts Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI

Drill Down Visuals for Power BI

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