SentryOne 19.1.1

SentryOne 更新了監視服務安全要求並簡化了企業範圍的安裝。
6月 24, 2019 - 10:46


  • SentryOne simplifies Enterprise-Wide installations
    • The new Enhanced Platform Installer (EPI), automates updates, cutting the time it takes to deploy updates even across hundreds of Microsoft SQL Server databases. For both MSPs managing large client environments and resellers working with large customers, the EPI provides a fast way to deploy updates while leaving complete control of timing in the hands of the administrator.
  • Microsoft SQL Server sysadmin role no longer required for monitoring service
    • SQL Sentry no longer requires the monitoring service account to have the sysadmin role to monitor a SQL Server. If the monitoring service account and interactive user do not have the sysadmin role, then:
      • They must still be a principal on the SQL Server target with the CONTROL SERVER permission granted.
      • In addition, they must be a member of the SQLAgentOperatorRole role on the msdb database. Note that this automatically adds membership to the SQLAgentReaderRole and SQLAgentUserRole.
      • Furthermore, depending on the exact SP/CU of the SQL Server version, the securityadmin server role may be required to guarantee the collection of SQL Agent Log events.
SQL Sentry - Monitoring Service Security Requirements

SQL Sentry

突破性的 SQL Server 效能監控。


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