1月 17, 2020 - 9:41



  • Projects are now automatically saved after being updated to a new version.

New Project / Import Wizard

  • Redesigned work and user interface of the Import Wizard:
    • Renamed the “Add” button to “Add&Link” and added the “Add” option to the drop-down menu.
    • Added the ability to import items and remove them from the Project Tree by double-click and using drag & drop.
    • Removed the “Link/Relink” buttons and added these options to the pop-up menu.
    • Removed the customization of how the items are selected. Now items are imported exactly the way they are organized in the source.
    • Added the “Use Schema Name as Prefix” and “Include Object Owner “ commands to the pop-up menu and removed the “Import to Project Tree” group box.

Diagrams (Flowcharts, Call Trees, CRUD Matrices)

  • Diagram object trees are now populated much faster.
  • Highlighting in SVG diagrams is now enabled by default.
  • Added the quick filter to the object trees in the “All Flowcharts”, “All Call Trees”, “CRUD2”, “Flowchart”, and “Call Tree” tabs.

Diagrams (Flowcharts/Call Trees)

  • Removed the “All Diagrams” option from the pop-up menus of the diagram tabs.
  • All diagrams are now always shown if multiple objects are selected; in a report; in an HTML-file opened in a browser.
  • Diagrams are now shown much faster when multiple objects are selected.

Tray Notifications

  • Notifications are now shown in the Windows 10 notification area.

Code Review Rules

  • Redeveloped “Show Suppressed Rule Violations” to “Hide Suppressed Rule Violations.”

Export Wizard

  • The Pseudocode Wizard now shows only scripts with pseudocode comments.
  • Added the ability to open the target folder from the notification shown after export is completed.


  • Removed the ability to turn on/off the generation of pseudocode comments. Pseudocode is now always generated by default.

Project Report

  • If a diagram or matrix is not included in the report, it is now indicated in the script status hint.

Project Report Assistant

  • Added the “Yes to All” and “No to All” buttons to the confirmation message shown on deleting multiple reports.

Main Toolbar

  • The main toolbar icons no longer blink when the toolbar is being customized.

Summary Info

  • Added a quick filter to “Summary > Code Review > Top Violated Code Review Rules.”

Structure View

  • “Structure View > DML Analysis” now shows more detailed analysis information.

Global Search

  • The search results list is now reopened on the second click in the search field.

Toolbar Customizer

  • Applied alphabetic sorting to the toolbar button names on the list.


Project Tree

  • Added an indicator that scripts from Oracle libraries/forms cannot be moved outside the library/form.
  • Fixed the ability to drag & drop multiple scripts into a folder or Recycle Bin.
  • The parent node no longer stays checked when its child items are deleted.
  • Fixed highlighting of the imported items.

Code Editor

  • Fixed the Code Editor panel in the closed state.
  • Negative error code of the EXCEPTION_INIT pragma is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed code folding for external stored programs.
  • Code folding is now available for the script’s DML statements outside of PL/SQL.

New Project / Import Wizard

  • The database object tree no longer stays empty once the database connection is done manually.
  • The error “Cannot create file” is no longer raised on creating a new project if the filename
  • contains irrelevant characters.
  • Fixed the layout of the UI elements on the “From Database” tab.

Project Report

  • Flowchart and Call Tree status icons are no longer active unless the diagrams are included in the report.
  • Clicking on an object now correctly shows a relevant diagram when a report page is scrolled to the bottom.
  • Fixed the work of the “Show/Hide header” option.
  • The error “No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page” is no longer raised on report generation.

Diagrams (Flowcharts, Call Trees, CRUD Matrices)

  • Fixed the object list panel in the closed state.
  • Going back to the previous history step when multiple objects were selected now correctly restores the selection in the object tree.

Diagrams (Flowcharts, Call Trees)

  • Fixed the background color of an active diagram when the UI theme is changed.
  • Fixed the multiple selection of diagrams when a folder gets into the selection.
  • Diagrams are now correctly shown in the SVG format in Firefox and Chrome.

CRUD Matrices


  • Fixed work of the “Regenerate”, “Show Header”, and “Show Legend” options.


Export Diagrams

  • The “Zoom Diagram” label is now inactive when no zooming is possible.
  • A hand cursor is no longer shown on pointing to a diagram block in SVG format as there is nowhere to navigate.
  • Fixed object links in Flowcharts and Call Tree diagrams opened in a browser.

Toolbar Customizer

  • The dynamic part of the caption is no longer shown for the “Go Back” and “Go Forward” options.
  • The error “List index out of bounds” is no longer raised on double-clicking in the Toolbar Customizer.
  • The error “List index out of bounds” is no longer raised on a moving visible toolbar button.

Code Analyzer

  • An access violation error no longer occurs on trying to analyze a huge project with lots of code comments in scripts.

Code Synchronization

  • An access violation error no longer occurs on clicking the “Selection Sync Settings” link on the Sync History tab.

Link Manager

  • ClearSQL no longer hangs on closing the Link Manager when a huge project is used.

Duplicate Code

  • Detected duplicate code lines are now sorted by the number of code lines, in the descending order.

Navigation History

  • The error “Cannot create HTML file” is no longer raised on navigating from CRUD2 to Code
  • Editor using the “Go Back” option.
  • Ctrl+Click actions are now always recorded in the navigation history.

Global Search

  • The search field is now fully visible after resetting the main toolbar to default.

Structure View

  • The structure view analysis results are now displayed correctly for projects created in the recent ClearSQL versions.


  • Fixed how instant help icons look in the dark theme.

Main Toolbar

  • The command “Reset to Default” is now active only when the toolbar is not in the default state.


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