ClearSQL 9.3.2

將 Locate on Disk(磁片上定位)命令添加到 Analysis Log Manager(分析日誌管理器),以便輕鬆查找日誌檔。
7月 23, 2020 - 15:59


  • Analysis Log Manager
    • Added the ability to locate the log file on the disk. The “Locate on Disk” command is now available from the pop-up menu.
    • Analysis log files are now deleted along with the corresponding project.
  • Print
    • If an HTML file is bigger than 50 MB, the following message will be shown on clicking “Print Preview”: “You are about to preview an HTML file larger than 50 MB. This may cause performance and stability issues. Are you sure you want to continue?”
    • Added the ability to print out code metrics and code review results at the script level.
  • Summary Info
    • Added the ability to abort the expansion of all nodes on the Summary tab if the process takes too much time.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
    • On trying to export diagrams or code review results to Microsoft Excel, make sure another file is not being edited in Microsoft Excel at the same time. Otherwise, you will be prompted to stop editing cells in the open Microsoft Excel file to proceed with the export.
  • Import Wizard
    • If files/folders selected for import are no longer available on the disk, you will be prompted that these files/folders no longer exist.
  • Back Up/Restore Project
    • Removed the “Backup folder” box as irrelevant.


  • Core
    • Fixed the error “Could not initialize taskbar. Error:-2147467263” when running the application on Microsoft Windows Server with Citrix.
    • The application’s features no longer stay inactive once the ORA-01005 error occurs after the database connection fails due to a missing password.
  • Code Editor
    • The Code Editor no longer flickers on moving the caret when a long script is open and the option “Cursor beyond EOL” is disabled.
  • Code Explorer
    • Resetting the workspace to default now restores the Code Explorer panel.
  • Database Connection Options
    • The error that is shown on trying to add a new database connection type with the existing connection type name is no longer handled by EurekaLog.
  • Code Metrics
    • Script tags are no longer duplicated and subprogram names are no longer missing from the code metrics results exported to an XML file.
  • Database Connection Window
    • Changing the state of the “Auto connection” check box now works correctly without the need to log into a database.
  • Project Summary
    • When no project is loaded, all Summary tab features are unavailable.
  • Analysis Log Manager
    • Fixed the look & feel of the Analysis Log Manager when there’s only one report in the list.
  • Startup Window
    • Fixed the look & feel of the progress bar shown in the second instance while code analysis is running in the first instance. Relevant for the subscription type of license.
  • Link Manager
    • Removed the ability to add new files and database objects.
    • Removed the ability to select multiple objects and the whole database object tree.
  • New Project Assistant / Import Wizard
    • ClearSQL no longer stops working on trying to abort the import of the items that were not fully retrieved from the database.
    • Fixed the ability to break the “Select All” action in the database object tree.
  • Export Wizard
    • Removed the “Yes to All” and “No to All” buttons from the warning message shown when the exported script or diagram already exists in the target folder.
  • Export Summary Tables
    • The error message that appears when no Microsoft Excel is installed is no longer duplicated.
  • GUI
    • If the caption of a UI element, such as column header or item, is not fully visible, pointing to it now shows a hint with the full name.
  • Project Backup
    • Fixed the visibility of the “Display password” check box in the dark theme.
  • Oracle Libraries
    • Scripts that are part of an Oracle Library can no longer be edited or deleted separately from the whole library.
  • Toolbar Customizer
    • A newly added toolbar icon is now located correctly.
  • Online Support Desk
    • The “Reply to message” toolbar button is no longer active when an empty folder is selected.


PL/SQL 分析器、格式化程式、圖表程式和編輯器。


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