ActiveState Platform 規格

ActiveState Platform Tiers Coder Team Business Enterprise*
Users 1 4 10 Custom
Production Nodes (1) 0 1 8 Custom
Public Projects
Komodo IDE
Private Projects
Technical Support None Email, Chat Email, Chat Email, Chat, Phone
Legacy Builds (2)  
Security & Compliance (3)      
Legal Indemnification + OEM
Licensing + Catalog Additions (4)


(1) Production environments include any machine that serves up production or “live” applications that are used by staff, customers, partners, consumers. Non-production includes code on individual desktops and development servers. Please contact us if you require further clarification about the appropriate licensing for your use case.
(2) Access to older versions of open source languages, excluding End of Life versions.
(3) Currently only available for Python.
(4) Get additional packages not available in ActiveState's catalog so you can make your specific build.

* For Enterprise Tier licensing please contact us for a quote.