DeepCode AI Code Review


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DeepCode AI Code Review

DeepCode is an AI Software Platform that learns from programmers and uses the acquired knowledge to make suggestions on how your code can be improved. DeepCode understands the intent and detailed functions of software code. The AI Software Platform continuously learns the latest standards, solutions, and know-how from 'Big Code' and the global software development community and provides powerful tools and suggestions to software developers. DeepCode AI Code Review identifies bugs before they happen. It reviews every code commit and will immediately let you know of critical vulnerabilities and suggest how to fix them. DeepCode supports JavaScript and TypeScript, Java, C/C++, and Python.

DeepCode Features

  • Real-time semantic code analysis - powered by AI - Get live alerts of critical bugs in your IDE or upon every pull request. See examples of how the open-source community has fixed the same issue. Benefit from a constantly self-growing knowledge base that learns from millions of commits in open source software projects - powered by AI. DeepCode’s semantic code analysis immediately alerts you of API, performance, resource leaks and security bugs using its knowledge base of all...


DeepCode AI Code Review 3.0.5
DeepCode AI Code Review 3.0.5
添加對 2 種新語言的支援:C# 和 PHP。
更新了 DeepCode AI Code Review
更新了 DeepCode AI Code Review
用 DeepCode 直接在您的 JetBrains IDE 中查找錯誤。
DeepCode AI Code Review 發佈
DeepCode AI Code Review 發佈

價格從: $ 235.20

DeepCode AI Code Review is available as a Cloud Service or as a Self-Managed (Self-Hosted) solution。 It is licensed per developer on an annual basis。


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