Enterprise Architect 16.x Corporate Edition - 1 User Upgrade Standard License from Professional Edition



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Enterprise Architect 16.x Corporate Edition - Upgrade

Registered users with a current subscription can purchase an upgrade to a more feature rich edition of Enterprise Architect at any time. Note that upgrades do not extend the term of your existing subscription.

1 User Upgrade Standard License from Professional Edition



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After verification, you will be sent an email containing a new registration key and login details to download updates.


  • Enterprise Architect Corporate Registration Key plus User Account and download instructions.

One user license is required per user. The Standard (Fixed) Perpetual License is registered directly to a user's computer and is not removed until the user needs to change computers. 1 license can be registered to both a work and laptop machine if both machines are solely used by the same user.

Upgrades do not change your existing subscription renewal date however the renewal pricing will be based on the upgraded edition.

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