用於資料輸入、演示、管理和分析的純 JavaScript 元件。

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FathGrid is a JavaScript component that can turn HTML tables into powerful data entry, analytics and reporting tools. It supports pagination, sorting, filtering, exporting and more. Data sources include inline HTML table data, JSON objects and server-side API.

FathGrid Features

  • Installation - Just include fathgrid.js in your HTML page and you are good to go. No dependencies. Use with any front-end framework.
  • Paging - Set page size, control current page via code or show an intuitive pager with first, previous, current, next, last page buttons. Click on current page to enter a page number to go to.
  • Sorting - Click on column header to sort in ascending or descending order. Hold the shift key to add multiple columns to the sort criteria.
  • Search and filter...


FathGrid 發佈
FathGrid 發佈
用於資料輸入、演示、管理和分析的純 JavaScript 元件。

價格從: $ 97.02

Single Website License - Use FathGrid on a single Website only。 Developer License - One developer can use FathGrid in Unlimited Websites。 Team License - Up to 10 developers can use FathGrid in...


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