InstallAware Studio Admin 新版本發表

Released: Nov 6, 2023

X16 ( 中的更新


  • Windows 11 23H2: Official support for the latest Windows update across the setup engine and the entire InstallAware for Windows toolchain.
  • Refreshed 23H2 Features: Your app depends on some built-in Windows 11 features? Add them (and their dependencies) to your setup, 100% graphically.
  • Detect Versions: Check for minimum operating system versions, or query for the exact installed operating system (and bitness).

Released: Aug 8, 2023

X16 中的更新


  • Parallel Build Engine: Build 16 Times Faster, macOS/Linux Targets
    • Superior 64-bit Compression with Parallel Build Engine.
    • Speed up builds with each additional CPU core, specify CPU affinity masks to instruct demanding compression tasks to run on high-performance CPU cores instead of low-performance efficiency cores.
    • Complete builds up to 16 (sixteen) times faster than earlier versions when run on 32 core CPUs.
    • Compile existing Microsoft Windows setup projects for Linux and macOS targets...

Released: May 9, 2023

X15 (32.41) 中的更新


InstallAware have released a new build of their InstallAware X15 product line. This includes InstallAware Studio, InstallAware Studio Admin, InstallAware Developer, and InstallAware Express. This is a critical safety upgrade which adds additional security mitigations to the DLL preload/hijack attacks that were discovered last year.

InstallAware are advising all current clients to complete the steps below to secure your product:

  • First, contact ComponentSource to obtain the latest trial version...

Released: Nov 1, 2022

X15 ( 中的更新


  • Added new Mica styles for Microsoft Windows 11 22H2 (Acrylic, Untinted).
  • Added new Feature Definitions for Windows 10/11 22H2 (x86/x64/ARM64).
  • Added support for detecting Windows 10/11 22H2.
  • Added support for SHA 256-Only Code Signing (Skip SHA-1).
  • Improved Build speeds by up to 50%.


  • Duplicate code signing with uncompressed builds.
  • Race condition in simultaneously launched setups breaking one another.
  • Missing time stamp on code signing with the Context Menu Bridge.
  • Missing Windows...

Released: Aug 1, 2022

X15 (32.10) 中的更新


  • Script execution and dialog rule evaluation now 20% faster.
  • Script rendering now 50% faster.
  • DEP (Data Execution Prevention) countermeasure for exploit prevention in the setup engine.

Released: Mar 22, 2022

X15 中的更新


  • Added new Context Menu Bridge application runtime which offers a one-click way to bridge any number of existing IContextMenu implementations to the top level of the new Microsoft Windows 11 File Explorer context menu, with zero coding or recompilation.
  • Plug-Ins may now request code signing certificate information at build time by implementing the new CompileTimeBuildEy function. This implementation is entirely optional, the lack of which does not affect any existing plug-ins or their behavior...

Released: Nov 28, 2021

X14 ( 中的更新


  • EV Certificates - Code sign your packages with Extended Verification Certificates. Fully automated process does not require manual interaction for password input, and will not break your builds as long as your EV Certificate dongle is attached to the build machine.
  • Mica Material - All your setups automatically upgrade to the latest Microsoft Windows 11 user interface style. Just do a straight recompile and all Glass regions in your setup dialogs will render in battery friendly, Mica Material...

Released: Oct 1, 2021

X14 中的更新


  • Microsoft Windows 11 - Programmatically pin apps to the new Windows 11 Start Menu/Taskbar.
  • Windows Features and Server Roles - Fully updated definitions for Windows 11 and Microsoft Windows Server 2022.
  • Microsoft .NET 6 - Deploy .NET 6 in a single click with InstallAware.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 - 64-bit Add-In instantly creates setups for your solutions.
  • 64-bit Scripting Interface - Programmatically emit setup scripts from 64-bit binaries.
  • Full-Stack ARM64 Support - Including native...

Released: Jun 6, 2021

X13 ( 中的更新


  • Implements Ethereum Payment Gateway for Apps, Enables Creation of NFT Setups Hosted on the Blockchain:
    • Now InstallAware automatically optimizes gas consumption, helping customers using ETH wallets with just enough crypto balance to successfully buy their software. Transactions are approved (or declined) instantly, together with funds transfer.
    • Updated price oracle, pulling instantaneous, live price quotes for the ETHUSD currency pair; ensuring software sales are always transacted at the right...

Released: Dec 18, 2020

X13 中的更新


  • Microsoft .NET 5 - Deploy .NET 5 in a single click using InstallAware.
  • Clone Project - Untangle all include scripts and disconnect shared assets into a new folder, with a single click.
  • 20H2 and Runtimes - MFC 16.8, platform cognizance updates and fresh Microsoft Windows feature definitions for ARM64/AMD64/X86.
  • Task Dialogs - Command links, radio buttons, expandable messages, footers, verification messages and custom icons.
  • On-Demand Elevation Template - Give your end-users the power to choose...