LEADTOOLS Medical Suite SDK 有什麼新功能

What's New in LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Engine V19 Major Update


  • Updated to 2015c DICOM Specifications.
  • Native Model (XML and JSON) support.
  • Import and export XML format (PS3.19).
  • Import and export to DICOM JSON model (PS3.18).
  • Improved support for inserting large data.

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • Restrict user access to records at the Patient level.
  • Improved sorting options and display.
  • Split series into multiple stacks.
  • Load all images without scrolling.
  • Improved memory usage and speed.
  • Pinch-zoom support.
  • Image Projection Orientation support.
  • Burn tags (overlays) onto image.

DICOM Storage Server

  • Show live connections in server UI.
  • New cancel-forward and cancel-clean options.
  • AE Title Aliases.

Medical Workstation

  • Configuration options, Pagination, Export with Anonymization.
  • Encapsulated PDF support.