Oxygen XML Developer Enterprise V26.1 Build ID: 2024042206

Released: Apr 24, 2024

V26.1 Build ID: 2024042206 中的更新


  • OpenJDK JRE: Updated the bundled OpenJDK JRE to version 17.0.11.
  • Content Completion XPath XProc: Improved XProc 3.0's content completion with XPath 3.0 functions.
  • DITA XML / Spell Check: When using the automatic or manual spell checker in a DITA XML topic that is open in the Author visual editing mode, the content of consecutive <uicontrol> elements placed inside a <menucascade> element is now checked individually.
  • DITA to PDF / PDF Change Bars: Improved the position of the change bars that are displayed in both DITA CALS tables and simple tables.


  • Text Search / Indexer: Fixed unhandled error ("maxClauseCount is set to 1024") when indexing resources for actions like "Open/Find Resources", "Find similar topics" or in the "Reusable Components" view.
  • JSON Transformation: Corrected the configuration for the Saxon JSON transformer.
  • DITA Publishing: Publishing and running the DITA OT plugin installation on Mac or Linux using a custom DITA OT 3.6 or older distribution no longer fails.
  • DITA Publishing: Fixed an issue where a DITA map that contained Relax NG-based topics failed to publish without using the 'dita' startup script.
  • Chemistry / PDF: Fixed a NullPointerException error when rendering inline elements with margins.
  • WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where the search would crash if the word did not exist in the search index.
  • WebHelp Responsive Output: Removed a fatal error that was displayed when processing non-well-formed HTML fragments from the transformation console.
  • WebHelp Responsive Output: The position of the "Copy" tooltip was corrected for codeblocks within tables.
  • WebHelp Responsive Output: The content of <index-sort-as> elements is filtered and no longer shown in the Index Terms page.