PostSharp Ultimate 6.3.x

Released: Jun 21, 2019

v6.3.x 中的更新


Updated Nov 07, 2019


  • Intellisense documentation not available for a few PostSharp.Patterns libraries.


Updated Oct 24, 2019


  • Contracts: expose method to return formatting arguments.


Updated Oct 21, 2019


  • VSX: Editing project build properties is not reflected in aspect explorer.
  • VSX: Deadlock in CpsProjectAccessor when creating a new project.
  • VSX: postsharp.config item template is named postsharp1.config in CPS projects by default.
  • Debugger: NullReferenceException in DebuggerTrace.Message() method causes VS to crash and restart.
  • VSX: Adding a postsharp.config using project context menu makes VS to crash and restart.
  • VSX: Aspects not detected in multitargeted projects.
  • VSX: Code Action options: description should be TextBlock, not TextBox.
  • VSX: Inconsistencies in QuickInfo popup.
  • VSX: NotifyPropertyChanged: no tooltip on "get" keyword for expression-bodied properties.


Updated Oct 4, 2019


  • Distribution: optimize Tools unzipper size.


  • Aspect Framework: SemanticallyAdvisableMethodKinds.All didn't include awaitable methods.
    (Breaking Change: Previously, SemanticallyAdvisableMethodKinds.All incorrectly didn't include non-async method that return a Task.


Updated Sep 26, 2019


  • VSX: Added an option to suppress "lines of codes saved" messages from tooltips.


  • VSX: Random ArgumentNullException during adornments creation in VS 2017.
  • Debugger Diagnostic output window pane is created but is empty.
  • Weaver lookup in NuGet repository fails on case-sensitive file systems.
  • Linux/MacOS: UNIX paths are incorrectly read from and written into Portable PDB.


Updated Sep 16, 2019


  • VSX: Use XML name table to parse pssym files.
  • VSX: Log to text file instead of output window.
  • VSX: Support for multitargeting.
  • VSX: Support for Shared Projects.
  • VSX: support for per-monitor awareness of DPI.
  • VSX: Generalize the use of async methods.
  • Support for Deterministic build.
  • VSX: Support for Shared Projects - QuickInfo.
  • Aspect Explorer: rewrite with WPF and performance optimization.
  • Linux/MacOS: Divide ProgramData into appropriate system folders.
  • Unify temp folder path.


  • Threading models: exception when the constructor of the base class calls an overridden async virtual method and the base class does not have a threading model.
  • VSX: Word is cut off in PostSharp Options dialog.
  • VSX: Adding solution-level PostSharp policy while having a .pssln file present throws ArgumentException.
  • VSX: Evaluated value of PostSharpSearchPath is stored in the project file even when the value was not edited.
  • VSX: Various exceptions in DocumentTable.
  • Local constants of DateTime type are not handled by the Windows PDB reader/writer.
  • Platform: mscoree.dll:CLRCreateInterface should not be required on Windows.
  • Aggregatable: NotSupportedException was thrown when adding a child to a collection of a parent, if that parent is held in a readonly field.
  • Error and warning messages couldn't be placed on an explicitly implemented interface method.
  • Multicasting: Raise a build warning when AttributeTargetAssemblies is set and attribute is not applied on the assembly level.


Updated Aug 22, 2019


  • Build-time exception when OnBoundary is ordered before Interception on an unsupported async method.
  • BuildClient: BuildToolsHelper is trying to run dotnet unzipper.exe (MSBuild + .NET Core project).


Updated Aug 19, 2019


  • Build on Linux/MacOs.
  • Filtering with MulticastAttributes.CompilerGenerated doesn't filter out user-created declarations.


Updated Aug 13, 2019


  • Add the StrictRangeAttribute contract.
  • Contracts - Ability to customize exception types.


  • Introduce CacheInvalidation aspect role for InvalidateCacheAttribute.


Updated Jul 12, 2019


  • Add the SHA256 signature of Portable PDBs to DLLs.


Updated Jun 21, 2019


  • Support for state machines in location validation transformation.
  • Free ordering of OnMethodBoundary aspects without OnYield/OnResume advices.