PostSharp MVVM

PostSharp MVVM (formerly PostSharp XAML) is an ideal companion for your XAML developments. Remove boilerplate from your WPF and WinForms apps. Stop writing repeating code for INotifyPropertyChanged, commands, dependency properties, contracts, undo/redo, and more.


Get rid of 95% of the INotifyPropertyChanged boilerplate and never miss a notification again.

  • Support for composite properties and child objects
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Fully customizable
  • Integrates with other MVVM frameworks


Stop creating a class every time you define a command.

  • Easy, based on custom attributes and naming conventions.
  • Validated at build time.
  • CanExecute property integrates with the [NotifyPropertyChanged] aspect.

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PostSharp MVVM v6.10
PostSharp MVVM v6.10
添加對 Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 的支援。
PostSharp v6.8.9
PostSharp v6.8.9
PostSharp v6.6.x
PostSharp v6.6.x
PostSharp v6.5
PostSharp v6.5
添加對 Docker 的支援。
PostSharp v6.4.x
PostSharp v6.4.x
添加對 C# 8 和 .NET Core 3.0 WPF 和 WinForms 的支援。
PostSharp v6.3
PostSharp v6.3
添加對 Linux 和 macOS 的支援,並提高了 VSX 性能。

價格從: $ 147.00

One software license is required per developer。 Per-Developer licenses are perpetual, Company-friendly floating licenses。 (Commercial licenses are floating licenses, assigned to the company), Include...

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017