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拒絕透露的姓名 英国5 星

Works faultlessly. Easy to use.


拒絕透露的姓名 購買過授權的客戶英国5 星

Works faultlessly. Easy to use.

jsmaxxUSA5 星
Purchased this product because the first product I'd bought could not connect using explicit TLS. Downloaded Rebex secure ftp trial version and within minutes made secure connection. Having been disappointed once, I decided to use the trial version in my ftp application which used both secure and unsecure transfers. Product worked without a hitch. The classes are very intuitive and easy to use. The documentation is quite good, especially for anyone not familiar with all the details of ftp/ftps. Rebex, to their credit, will warn you if a particular ftp command is not supported by all ftp servers or the response may differ from one server to another. They provide adequate samples and believe or not, they responded to my request about active mode port ranges within hours after being sent. I can't say enough about Rebex.