關於 Rebex MSG for .NET

用於 .NET 的 Microsoft Outlook MSG 檔案格式庫。

Rebex MSG for .NET is a library for reading, processing and writing Microsoft Outlook .MSG e-mail message files. In addition, a separate API for MIME and S/MIME messages is included.

Rebex MSG Features

  • Powerful .MSG API - Use MsgMessage class to manipulate subject, body, recipients and attachments of Outlook .MSG messages. Or list and manipulate MAPI properties of .MSG messages directly.
  • MIME API included - In addition to the Microsoft Outlook MSG file format, a separate API for MIME and S/MIME messages is included.
  • PC and mobile - Supports a wide range of .NET platforms. Suitable for .NET on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

MSG message API

  • Load and save messages.
  • Message subject.
  • Plain, HTML and RTF bodies.
  • From and Sender fields.
  • Recipients collection.
  • Work with attachments.

MAPI properties

  • MAPI property IDs.
  • MAPI property data types.
  • Get and set values.


  • MIME and MailMessage.
  • S/MIME - secure mail.

Standards and platform support

  • 100% managed .NET code with no external dependencies.
  • MSG and RFC specifications.
  • Outlook MSG, MIME, S/MIME and other email formats.
  • XCOPY deployment.