SQL Sentry 新版本發表

Released: Feb 9, 2021

2021.x 中的更新


Updated Feb 18, 2021


  • Portal:
    • Dashboards broken from memory clerk counter migration.


Updated Feb 9, 2021


  • Alerting:
    • You can now add Condition Type column to Events Logs.
    • Added the ability to display Audit/Failsafe/General condition entries in Events Logs for all action types.
    • Added the ability to apply a default severity to Audit/Failsafe/General conditions.
    • Added the ability to create "Info" severity level for all conditions.
    • Audit/Failsafe/General conditions now...

Released: Jan 29, 2020

2020.x 中的更新


Updated Nov 16, 2020


  • Monitoring Service - EPI: Added ability to change the account that the monitoring service runs under.
  • Monitoring Service - EPI: Added GMSA support.
  • PA\Fragmentation Manager - Reduced overhead of Table/Index Collection query.
  • Plan Explorer - PE: Enabled single break and thousands separator on histogram chart.
  • Setup\Setup Wizard - Adjusted alert defaults applied during the setup wizard.


  • Monitoring Service - Improvements to collection of processes data...

Released: Oct 3, 2019

v19.2.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 23, 2019


  • Enhanced Platform Installer - EPI: Create database support on Azure Managed Instance.


  • PA\Top SQL - Query/Proc Stats values not accurate in certain instances for Azure SQL DB targets.
  • PA\Top SQL - XEvents CPU scale incorrect for non Azure SQL Server.


Updated Oct 3, 2019


  • PA\Dashboard Display Columnstore and In-Memory OLTP memory counters on performance dashboard.
  • PA\Top SQL Add memory allocation columns to Top SQL.
  • PA\Top SQL Top SQL...

Released: Sep 11, 2019

v19.1.3 中的更新

Updates in 19.1.3

SentryOne Build 19.1.3 Change List

  • Features:
    • PA\Plan Explorer - Plan operator icon refresh.
  • Fixes:
    • PA\AlwaysOn - Monitoring services run Always On collector queries across sites.
    • PA\Disk Activity - Mount Points are not mapping correctly in the Disk IO dropdown.

Released: Jun 18, 2019

v19.1.1 中的更新

Updates in 19.1.1

SentryOne Build 19.1.1 Change List

  • Features:
    • Enhanced Platform Installer - Enhanced Platform Installer.
    • Monitoring Service - Remove SysAdmin Requirement for Monitoring SQL Server.
    • PA\Actions Log - Add Database Name to DB Sentry Advisory Condition Alerts.
    • Site Configuration - Essentials: Allow creation of multiple sites.
  • Fixes:
    • EM - Event Calendar Pane duration filter is set to incorrect default.
    • General - Client Crash when missing repositories.PREF file and Registry entries...