Vizuly Halo


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Vizuly Halo

Vizuly Halo uses several different data visualization techniques to represent transactional relationships from a specified number of sources to a variable number of targets. Sources are represented as segmented arcs along the circumference of the visual, and targets are shown as clustered circles in the middle of the chart. The length of each source arc is determined by a data bound variable you specify and the size and cluster group of each target circle can also be determined by data bound variables. The data structure used by the Halo component is abstract enough that it can be adapted to many different data sources. Use the interactive style explorer on the left to view different style settings, themes, and other customizable properties.


  • 6 example themes
  • More than a dozen dynamic styles
  • Dozens of adjustable properties and interactive event support
  • Customizable Data Tips
  • Documentation

Framework Adapters

  • React Adapters
  • Angular Adapters
  • Vue.js Adapters


Vizizly Halo 發佈
Vizizly Halo 發佈
June 7, 2019新產品

價格從: $ 77.42

Vizuly Developer Licensing: Developer License allows a single developer to use the Software on an unlimited number of websites, intranets, web applications and SaaS projects, Developer License allows...

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