Vizuly Sunburst

Vizuly Sunburst is designed to represent hierarchical data in a radial plot. It supports drill down and drill up capabilities by allowing the user to collapse and expand segments of the sunburst when they click on that area.


  • Supports Dynamic Scales for Radius and Plots
  • 6 example themes
  • More than a dozen dynamic styles
  • Dozens of adjustable properties and interactive event support
  • Customizable Data Tips
  • Documentation

Framework Adapters

  • React Adapters
  • Angular Adapters
  • Vue.js Adapters


Vizizly 陽光圖發佈
Vizizly 陽光圖發佈
June 7, 2019新產品
將陽光圖添加到您的 JavaScript 應用中。

價格從: $ 57.82

Vizuly Developer Licensing: Developer License allows a single developer to use the Software on an unlimited number of websites, intranets, web applications and SaaS projects, Developer License allows...

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  • vue. js