Web Atoms

Web Atoms is a set of powerful tools (NuGet packages, NPM packages) to build native cross platform apps with JavaScript. It comes with debugging capabilities, ready to use business controls and production code push (production hot reload). It provides a JavaScript debugger, JavaScript engine and JSX syntax support for XAML. It offers Simple Dependency Injection along with MVVM framework making the transition from C# + XAML very easy. It also has a simple design time mocking framework that allows you to test/debug individual UI components.

Web Atoms Features

  • Functional Components.
  • Abstract Atom Component.
  • Abstract Device API (Browser Service, Message Broadcast).
  • Theme and styles support without CSS.
  • One time, One way and Two way binding support.
  • Simple dependency Injection.
  • In built simple unit testing framework.
  • UMD module support.
  • Full featured MVVM Framework with powerful validation.
  • Line of Business Controls for Web.
  • Super fast Functional Components as well as Class Components.
  • Easily integrate into Mobile WebView.


Web Atoms 2.0.4
Web Atoms 2.0.4
December 16, 2021新版本
Web Atoms 1.6.297
Web Atoms 1.6.297
October 26, 2021新版本
添加新的 AtomRadioButtonList 控制項並改進了 Okhttp 呼叫。
Web Atoms 1.6.269
Web Atoms 1.6.269
October 6, 2021新版本
添加新的 AtomDuoToneFontImageButton 控制項。
Web Atoms 1.6.262
Web Atoms 1.6.262
September 27, 2021新版本
添加新的 AtomCheckBoxList 控制項。
Web Atoms 1.6.249
Web Atoms 1.6.249
September 21, 2021新版本
添加新的 Suggestions(建議)控制項,當項清單填充空間時,該控制項會顯示"更多"連結。
Web Atoms 1.6.239
Web Atoms 1.6.239
September 15, 2021新版本
添加對以下新平臺的支援:UWP、macOS、Tizen 和 GTK。

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The software is licensed per application for a specific platform。 An unlimited number of developers can develop same application。 You may make copies on more than one computer, as long as the software...


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Web Atoms
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  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • TSLint extension
  • NodeJS with NPM