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    版本資訊: v6.4 Updated Aug 11, 2021 Features A range of improvements across the board of all four Hydra tool platforms- Delphi,.NET, Java, and Island, as well a thorough under-the-hood refactoring and cleanup. ... 閱讀詳情 顯示關於這個產品的更多結果

  2. 版本資訊: Adds integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, plus support for OpenJDK and JDK 9+ and Lazarus/Free Pascal. v6.2.101 Updated Dec 4, 2019 Features Support for Delphi 10.3.3. Improved support for Lazarus/free Pascal. v6.2.99 Updated Jun 10, 2019 ... 閱讀詳情

  3. 版本資訊: Uses new COM Interface support in Elements/Island. Uses new COM Interface support in Elements/Island..NET to Delphi importer creates incorrect definitions for indexed properties..NET to Delphi importer doesn't generate inherited interfaces in proper ... 閱讀詳情